“Growing sense” that Deshaun Watson will leave Texans

A divorce between the Texans and quarterback Deshaun Watson seems more and more inevitable.

Although Watson has not yet requested a trade, it’s moving in that direction. As ESPN reports, there’s a “growing sense” in and around the Texans’ organization that Deshaun Watson “has played his last snap for the team.”

As PFT has reported, Watson has yet to use the magic words because that would put him beyond the point of no return. He’s getting closer and closer to that point.

Already disenchanted with the franchise, Watson was invited to give input into the search for a new G.M. and new head coach. His input was ignored. He feels disrespected. And at this point it’s unclear what it will take to change things.

As one source explained it recently to PFT, it’s more than a Watson vs. Jack Easterby situation, although owner Cal McNair’s to give so much power and influence to an executive who is unfit for the position doesn’t help. And it’s not a situation of Deshaun wanting things his way. He’s not demanding that the team hire Dabo Swinney or Watson’s high-school coach. Indeed, Watson recommended both an offensive coach (Eric Bieniemy) and a defensive coach (Robert Saleh).

Watson’s wishes are just part of the equation. The Texans don’t have to trade him. However, he’s also not required to play for them. If he asks to be traded and he isn’t, that’s likely what would happen next.